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is to let our clients speak for us:

  • As a man of many words, it is extremely unusual to find myself searching for the perfect way to express my appreciation.

    "Where do I begin?' were the first words that came to mind when I thought about writing this testimonial. Ironically, the words "where do I begin" were most likely the words April Davis thought when I first approached her to help me find information about my father. Equipped with only his name, an address from 1966 and a few unproven, thought-to-be facts, I asked April to help me find detail about my father's passing in the 1970's.

    What I wanted from the investigation was simple. What I offered to help April begin was nearly nothing and dated well before records were kept electronically. An almost impossible task. What I received as a result of April's skill, natural given inquisitiveness and dedication was much more than I could have ever imagined.

    As a result of April's regular and detailed updates to me of her progress, I know she faced several obstacles and dead ends in my case. Facing each obstacle, she seemed even more determined to help me. I am certain that the difficulties of my case would have caused most other investigators to fail or give up.

    At one point during the case, April spent several uncomfortable hours searching through microfiche in the basement of a county records building with no windows and air filled with paper dust. This is just one example of April's commitment to a case. Not only do I have a wealth of information about my father which was the extent of my initial request, April's determination discovered that I have two brothers I never knew existed. I may have never come to know about my brothers if not for the good fortune of having hired April to be my private investigator.

    As I write this, I am sitting on a plane. I am on my way to meet my younger brother. The feeling is surreal and I have April to thank for the opportunity. April is a classic example of a person using their natural talent as a career. Apart from possessing innate abilities to investigate, she does her work with sensitivity and compassion.

    I could go on and on, but I think I have made my point. I highly recommend April Davis, an endorsement I reserve for very few.

    Thank you April. Your hard work and desire to serve lead to my being given a gift. At 45 years old, I have the chance to know my brothers. A chance I may have never had if not for you.

    Forever grateful,

  • Thank you very much for your prompt and efficient handling of this matter. Law Offices of Philip S. Kaufman - Los Angeles, CA

  • I wanted to thank you for the excellent job done. I saw the tape and it was unbelievable! Michael Palmer, Overhill Farms - Vernon, CA

  • Enclosed is a copy of a letter from my claims examiner advising of the excellent job that you have done on this case. James Amato of Marsh, Feinman, & Beal - Glendale, CA

  • This letter is to acknowledge the excellent investigative work performed by April Davis Investigations. Ms Davis has been assigned to many difficult cases at Republic Indemnity requiring timely and efficient results. She always keeps in contact with Republic when information is discovered and goes the extra mile to complete her assignments. Lynda P. Meyer, Republic Indemnity - Encino, CA

  • Thank you for your service and the professional manner in which you handle your service. If you need references, I would be happy to recommend your service to future clients. Byron L. Lovering - Placentia, CA

  • Thanks again for taking care of this impound account for us. We appreciate the tenacity and the updates. We'll keep you in mind in the future! Steve & Lisa Oldham - Duarte, CA

  • It was good doing business with you, thank you very much. Candie Smith - Evergreen, CO

  • Once again, thank you for your assistance and patience in this matter. If I should ever need help in your field, I will call on you. Judy Batis - Kakaha, HI

  • Thanks for your hard work - we're very pleased. Barb Avrin - Aurora, CO

  • Thanks so much for your assistance. We should make good use of the money. Henry A. Torres - Kaneohe, HI

  • Thank you very much for helping us retrieve our money. Debbra & Waymon Pendergrass - Clovis, CA

  • Thank you very much for your assistance in obtaining this HUD refund check. It will sure come in handy. Van & Leslye Banghart - Union City, CA

  • Thank you for being so efficient and trustworthy! Barbara McEvoy - Salt Lake City, UT

  • Thanks for your good services. Fred Bolander - Whittier, CA

  • Thank you for your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Dean Rawlings & Anthony Bush - Phoenix, AZ

  • Thank you so much for all your time and effort in regard to this matter. I appreciate all your hard work. Elizabeth L. Misner - Kihei, HI

  • Thank you for your help. Quite a pleasant surprise. The Huntleys - Phoenix, AZ

  • Thank you so much April. We appreciate the job you did. Bill & Shirley Keath - Greenville, TX

  • What a bright and happy place this world of ours would be if everyone were just as nice as you have been to me! Thank you for doing the leg work on this case. John J. Foglyano - Sterling Heights, MI

  • Gumshoes Help Studio Solve Case of Missing Cartoon Cels - Warner Brothers avoids using police in tracking suspects, recovering property worth up to $500,000.00 Los Angeles Times

  • Rarely have I been provided such helpful and efficient service. As you know, we are hit with a lot of time pressure these days. It is comforting to know that your office will share these concerns and provide what we need. I just had to write a good word about her. Please give her a pat on the back for us. Michael Zima, Health Cal - Woodland Hills, CA

  • Our client is most appreciative of the efforts and fine job you did. Please be assured that future correspondent investigations in the Los Angeles area will be referred to your agency. Daniel Mansour, President, Insurers Services of Texas, Inc.

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